“We Believe” Again?

Part 1: Boom-Dizzle

Says ESPN NBA Draft Guru Chad Ford:

    “I talked to one NBA executive in Los Angeles on Tuesday who said it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Clippers reoffer Baron Davis to the Warriors for Corey Maggette if the Clips can land Ricky Rubio in the draft. The Clippers are big fans of Rubio, and obviously they can’t play him with Davis.

    The Warriors turned down similar overtures at the trade deadline, but they might want to reconsider. With a healthy Davis, they would be a playoff team.”

Currently, the Clippers are slotted number 3, but of course, the Draft Lottery could change things. I’ve heard that Sacramento (who have the best lottery odds) is high on Rubio, so I think the Kings would have to slide down to make things happen. Should the stars align though, it would be an easy trade to make:

The Clippers trade:
Baron Davis (PG) – $12,150,000 / 4 years

The Warriors trade:
Corey Maggette (SG/SF) – $8,937,931/ 4 years
Marco Belinelli (SG/PG) – $1,547,640 / 3 years (with 2nd year team option, 3rd year qualifying offer)

Part 2: The Big Man on Campus

Says Tim Kawakami, Warriors beat writer:

    But, if the Warriors don’t experience a total lottery luck-out, then Riley’s mandate is to go get a proven, vital young veteran.

    The main targeted veteran, I’m told, is Toronto’s Chris Bosh–no surprise, given how hard Riley tried to get him at last year’s trade deadline.

This is a bit trickier. Toronto would want Anthony Randolph and/or Andris Bierdins. I wouldn’t give up either, though I might be more inclined to give up Bierdins if I had to give someone up.

The lowball offer is this, and it hinges on Jamal Crawford not opting out this summer:

The Raptors trade:
Chris Bosh (PF/C) – $15,779, 912 / 2 years (2nd year player option)

The Warriors trade:
Jamal Crawford – $9,360,000 / 2 years
Brandan Wright – $2,671,440 / 3 years (with 2nd year team option, 3rd year qualifying offer)
Kelanna Azubuike – $3,132,000 / 2 years

This assumes that Toronto is happy with a frontcourt of Wright + Bargnani (perhaps also their 2009 draft pick, someone like Earl Clark of Louisville?), although it does strengthen their wing quite a bit. It’s also possible that the Warriors can swap out Azubuike with their own 2009 draft pick, who would have to be a wing player too (Tyreke Evans? Demar DeRozan?).

If the Raptors insist on Bierdins, would they agree to a Bierdins-Crawford-Wright package in return for Bosh and Bargnani? Or how about Bierdins-Crawford-Randolph for Bosh-Bargnani-2009 Draft Pick? Would the Warriors want that? I’m fine with the first (I think Bargnani would explode in a run-and-gun offense) but the second seems like a lot for two players who are essentially expiring contracts.

In a perfect world, this would be the Warriors’ depth chart next season:
PG – Davis/Watson
SG – Jackson/Ellis
SF – Randolph/Morrow
PF – Bosh/Kurz
C  – Bierdins/Turiaf
Plus their 2009 draft pick.

It’s probably not a perfect world though, but hey, “we believe” RIGHT?


~ by Adrian on May 17, 2009.

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